We want to be champions





Our foundation nurtures the talents of
future champions in Ethiopia

To build a center to nurish their talents

Help disadvantaged children in Ethiopia.

The Sunflowers Foundation supports children in Ethiopia with projects for sports, music and the development of adequate knowledge about health. At present, the Foundation assists 150 children from 12 to 18 years. Through sports and music the children develop selfdiscipline, motivation and patience.

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Maart 2018


Beste donateurs,

Enige tijd geleden vroegen we uw aandacht voor een heel speciaal project van onze stichting Sunflowers Foundation. Het betrof de ernstig zieke Tole, een 12 jarig meisje uit Dedu, Ethiopie. Dankzij uw donaties kon haar behandeling worden gefinancierd!

Tole werd eind februari in India geopereerd en is inmiddels weer in Ethiopië. Haar operatie is wonderwel geslaagd!! We zijn heel blij!!

Namens dokter Shiferaw, de Sunflowers Foundation en natuurlijk Tole en haar familie u allen heel hartelijk dank voor uw steun in dit bijzondere project, dat mede door u mogelijk werd gemaakt!!


How you can help us now

We have the ANBI status. This means your donation is tax-deductable.

Contribute to the Sunflower Foundation

Make a contribution (and get matching funds from your corporation, university or institution).
Donate in somebody's name. For Christmas, weddings, birthdays, give the gift of child sponsorship.
Plan an event with Sunflower Foundation: a dinner, concert, etc. and raise money for the Sunflower Foundation Fund.

Sponsor a child

The Sunflowers Foundation offers you the opportunity to sponsor a specific child!

This means that you will sponsor a child through a fixed amount a year. It makes your donation more personal. If you like you will be personally kept informed about the progresses ‘your’ child makes. We also offer the possibility to get in touch with the child. Think of mail and e- mail or a possible visit to the child in DeduRead more>>


We are always looking for people with certain professional experience. In Ethiopia, those with professional experience in education, social work, medicine, sports, activity coaching can lend us valuable aid. Internationally, those with professional experience in fundraising, proposal writing and IT or non-profit administration. On the site a volunteer can give a lesson at the training center. Contact us: dedu@sunflowersfoundation.nl

Help In Kind

We are in need of, but not limited to, the following materials: Sport gear, soccer shoes, sportsshoes, music instruments like guitar, flute, drums.

Keeping in mind that it has to be transported and there is an import taxation to be paid if send. Ask us of the possibilities.

Where is it?

Dedu is a small village and has about 7000-8000 inhabitants located 250 km west of Addis Ababa, in a region called Guduru.There is a good connection and the road is now paved.On the outskirts of the village is a playing field donated by the municipality.

Future and goals of the Sunflowers Foundation

An Endowment Fund

An Endowment Fund: The culture center in the Dedu Village in Guduru needs to sustain itself into the future as a platform for various programs.

Reproductive Health

SF seeks a major healthcare corporation as a strategic partner to enable SF Village to expand its prevention outreach to include assistance for primary health care in the areas of reproductive, respiratory and intestinal health. In Dedu there is a health center which serves about 50000 people.

On-Site Resource Generation

On-Site Resource Generation: SF currently undertakes resource generation activities such as training teachers coaches to be able to train the children.


Sunflower Foundation staff
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Stories of volunteers
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